Ventnor Coffee is currently holding an online mural competition where artists are asked to use their creativity to come up with a new design for the store front.

To enter, contestants can upload a photo or photos of their artwork into one of five categories: abstract, seashore, landscapes, wildlife, and community. Each mural may include up to four colors or can be black and white.

“We wanted to put it out to the public, we have so many artists in the area that we figured we could tap their creativity and let them help us with the design,” said Michael Einwechter, a partner of Ventnor Coffee.

The winning artists will receive a year’s worth of free coffee, that’s equivalent to about $1,100 of coffee. The final date to submit entries will be March 20th, so that renovations can be completed by summer.

Ventnor Coffee is the one place you should make part of your morning. We have small batch baking, hot fresh coffee/tea, lattes, cappuccinos in addition to live music through out the year on our world class music stage.
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